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Tracy Foskuhl

Dayton, OH

Why I paint...

I began painting because I am inspired by how nature is always beautiful and fascinating- independent of the weather, the time of day, or the season.   Painting is endlessly interesting and communicates how I see the world. I feel the need to put brush to canvas to express myself. Richard Nelson said, in Creatures of Distance:  The Gap, “There is nothing in me that is not of the Earth, no split instance of separateness, no particle that disunites me from my surroundings. I am no less than the Earth itself. The rivers run through my veins, the winds blow in and out with my breath, the soil makes my flesh, the sun’s heat smolders inside me.”

Working in Ohio, I have had to stop looking for the grand vistas and instead notice the quiet beauty that exists each day.  I am constantly looking at my surroundings. I can’t help but notice colors, shapes and the interplay of light and shadow. February has more beautiful colors than I ever imagined.  When I really look, I see shades of lavender, aqua, and gold. The weaker sun casts subtle shadows and imbues the landscape with a glow that is not found during the strong light of summer. 

The joy for me is taking a subject that inspires me and creating something new that still has its roots in reality.





Honorable Mention - "Refresh" at Dayton Society of Artists-  juror Dana Wiley

Top Merit Award - "Works On Paper" at Rosewood Gallery - juror Willis "Bing" Davis

2016 - Dayton Visual Arts Center (DVAC)- Artist to Watch



"Refresh" - Dayton Society of Artists

"Works On Paper" - Rosewood Gallery


bettertogether; Dayton Soceity of Artist's Annual Members' Exhibition


Amplify - Dayton Society of Artists Spring Juried Exhibition

The Co (formerly DVAC) - Art Auction


"Contemporary Landscapes" Juried Exhibition at The Roxbury Arts Group

DVAC Art Auction


DVAC Art Auction

DSA (Dayton Society of Artists) New Members Show

DSA Plein Air Show

DSA Spring Juried Show


2016 to 2020 - Private study with Jean Koeller

2018 - Distant Views Plein Air Workshop with Rob Anderson/Manifest Gallery

2018 - Ohio Plein Air Society Workshop with Michael Chesley Johnson

2018 - Scottsdale Artists' School - 

           Palette Knife Landscape Painting with Renee Palmer Jones

2015 - Ohio Plein Air Society Workshop with Neil Riley

1984 - Nyack College, B.S.