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How I got here...

I’m often asked – how long have you been painting? This is not as easy of an answer as one would think. I remember my mom taking me to private watercolor painting lessons when I was in fifth grade. Looking back, this was remarkable, in that my mother was a very practical sort of person and not prone to frivolous spending. I took every art class available in our small high school, but for college I was more interested in intellectual pursuits and was not sure of the practicality of an art degree. I regret that I didn’t at least minor in art!

As my life progressed, I dabbled in various arts and crafts. My artistic side emerged in my flower garden, decorating my house, making soap, and other crafts. After the kids were (mostly) grown, I was obsessed with learning to paint in oils. I loved the Hudson River Valley painters and wanted to paint like that. A friend of a friend was an art teacher and gave me lessons in very non-intimidating manner. Then, a fortuitous meeting with a co-worker and professional artist Jean Koeller ( began my serious study. It’s now six years later and I’m still going and still learning from Jean. In addition, I have taken workshops, read and watched everything I can get my hands on.

My husband asks me if I regret not painting all those years. It’s easy to feel that way, but I do realize that the person I was then would not have had the same motivation, confidence, and “voice” that I have now.

So, what is my goal? I can sum it up in one sentence…. My goal is to fulfill my potential as an artist. As long as I feel I can improve and grow, I will make art. I don’t pretend to know where this journey will take me. I just know the ride is amazing!

Thanks for reading!

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