How to Purchase

As an artist, I love painting and would do it even if no one ever looked at it, bought it, or cared. I've also never been cool... just ask my kids and my high school friends!


If you love one of my paintings, I don't want cost to ever be a consideration. I firmly believe that art belongs in EVERY home. You don't need to be rich or cool to have one of my paintings. It's about the beauty and the joy, not about social status.


So, if you're looking to up your cool factor, I'm not the artist for you. If you're about friendship, joy, beauty, love, and getting through this tough world together... then come see my work. Let's hang and laugh and fellowship together.  

If you're interested in one of my pieces of art, please see individual image for pricing info.

Contact me directly to purchase.

I can deliver locally, as well as ship within the U.S.

I accept the following payment methods:

Cash, check, Venmo, Paypal, and credit cards through Square.